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A payday loan (sometimes called a payday advance) is a relatively small dollar, short-term advance utilized as an alternative to help a person with unanticipated expenses. Payday loans are short-term in nature and not meant to be used for longer terms or for larger purchases like a house, an automobile, or a truck. They are a safe and convenient method to enable an individual to stretch their buying power and help cover small, unplanned costs. Whether you’re struggling with seasonal costs like paying for a vacation and back to school expenses, or you need help with unforeseen bills like car maintenance or home repairs, Payday Loans in Portland can assist you.

Portland is the largest and most populous city in Oregon with an estimated population of more than 650,000 as of 2019. Approximately 2.4 million people live in the Portland metropolitan statistical area, making it the 25th most populous in the United States. Portland has a strong and diversified economy, with large employers that include Intel, Nike, US Bank, Precision Castparts Corp., and Wells Fargo. Additionally, Portland is home to multiple higher education institutions, including Portland State University and Portland Community College.

Even if you have a good job working at one of these large companies, a local university or health system, there may be a time when you find yourself with unexpected expenses that you cannot afford. If that happens, a payday loan can help you bridge the gap to get you back on firm financial footing. If you have a steady job with a consistent paycheck, a payday loan can provide money fast to cover an unexpected expense.

Just how much can I borrow in Portland, OR?

Portland payday loans or advances can range from $50 to $1,000 (or more) depending on your personal need, employment status, and income. It can often be quite difficult to get the cash you need in a short time frame, requiring a lot of time and effort. With Direct Payday Loans, you can access cash quickly and easily when you need it most. Direct Payday Loans will connect you with local lenders who can help you right away.

The qualifications for payday loans are typically less rigid than for traditional loans. In exchange for the cash you need, our lenders charge a small fee. This fee along with the original amount borrowed is usually due on your next payday.

If you need a little extra money prior to your next paycheck, you can try a fast & easy cash advance. We’ll help you get the money you need today so you can keep moving forward with your normal life. With a Direct Payday Loan, you can:

  • Receive money in minutes
  • Review plain and simple terms and costs
  • Access a simple short-term cash advance
  • No paper check or faxing required

Borrowing responsibly

We advise that individuals think about the amount of their next paycheck and determine how much they can properly repay within their budget. Although the majority of payday lending institutions allow you to “re-purchase” or renew your loan, this is not advised, as it can cause a cycle of loans that can wind up costing you significantly more in the long term. Be sure to thoroughly consider your financial situation before applying for a payday loan online.

Bad credit? Not an issue in Portland

A less-than-stellar credit rating does not have to stop you from receiving the cash you need. Payday loans aren’t like mortgage or auto loans. A payday loan is usually a small, unsecured individual loan for people in need of short-term financial help. The lenders understand this and can often provide a cash advance to people without great credit ratings. Lenders will focus on earnings and other credit factors rather than a single credit rating. A lot of our payday lending institutions do not even utilize a traditional credit check. However, for larger amounts, some loan providers might utilize your credit report to make a financing decision.

Easy Online Application – Instant Approvals For Portland Residents

We have streamlined the online loan application procedure to make it fast and easy for you to receive the cash you need. In fact, you can finish the application online in minutes and get an immediate decision – click here to apply for a short term cash advance online in Portland. Ensure you have your social security number, source of income, and banking details nearby while completing the application. Direct Payday Loans Online in Portland. Money when you need it most.

Payday Loan Providers in Portland, OR

As mentioned above, we have streamlined the process to make it simple, easy, and cost effective to apply for a payday loan online. If you would still rather visit a payday loan office in person, we have put together a list of local providers for Portland, OR. When visiting an office to apply for a loan, it can be more difficult to compare your options to find the best pricing.

Additionally, a payday loan office may have to pass on their rent costs, potentially resulting in a higher rate or higher fees for you. Be sure to review all the relevant details before visiting a local payday loan office.

Rapid Cash (Speedy Cash)

As of February 2021, Rapid Cash (also known as Speedy Cash), has 5 locations in the Portland area, including locations in Southeast Portland, Gresham, and Vancouver. The company has generally positive reviews online.

3849 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
(503) 239-5225


As of February 2021, CashCo has four locations in and around Portland, OR, including in Gresham and Hillsboro. CashCo has mostly good online reviews at its main location near downtown Portland. CashCo offers payday loans as well as installment loans.

3420 SE Cesar Estrada Chavez Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
(503) 234-2274

Ace Cash Express

As of February 2021, Ace Cash Express has about 16 locations in and around Portland, OR, including locations in Gresham, Beaverton, Hillsboro, and North and South Portland. Ace Cash Express has generally good online reviews at many of its locations.  Ace Cash Express offers payday loans, prepaid cards, check cashing, title loans, and other services.

5600 NE M L King Blvd, Portland, OR 97211
(503) 287-6669