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Find a Payday Loan Near You

Finding a payday loan provider near you can be an overwhelming process. Even in a smaller city like Reno, NV; Baltimore, MD; or Anchorage, AK there can be many options to choose from. In a bigger city like Phoenix, AZ or Miami, FL there can be dozens of payday loan places near you.

How do you choose the right one? How can you ensure that you are picking a payday loan option that is right for you and your family? How do you know how fast they will get you the quick cash you need for something like a car or truck repair? Read on to find out.

Determine How Much Cash You Need

Before even walking out of your house to go find a payday loan near you, first give a lot of thought to how much cash you need. When you speak with the employee at a payday loan store, you’re going to want to know how much you need so that you can quickly bring them up to speed on your situation. Be sure you know exactly how much cash you need ahead of time. You never want to borrow more than you need. Be prepared with your full budget and sending plan to ensure you are ready to pay back the principal amount as well as the interest on your next payday.

Additionally, if you need a larger loan amount–particularly if it is over $1,000–the lender will likely need to pull your full credit report.

Collect Everything You Need

Any payday loan store is going to need:

  • Your employer information,
  • Recent pay stubs,
  • Your banking information (routing number and account number),
  • Your social security number, and
  • A government-issued form of identification.

The employee at the payday store will need some form of government-issued identification in order to make sure you are who you say you are.

While not all payday loan providers will need a physical check, it is helpful to bring one with you as that will have your banking account and routing numbers printed on them. By bringing a check, you will not have to hunt down the account information that the payday store will be seeking.

Check Payday Store Reviews

Many people think that the best way to find a payday loan is to drive around until they see a storefront. While it may seem easy, this is not the best way to start.

At Direct Payday Loans, we encourage people to first start by searching online and looking at the reviews for the various payday stores around you. By reading through the reviews, you will save time and money and ensure you don’t choose a storefront with bad customer service or extra high fees.

We recommend looking for stores that have reviews that are above 4.0 stars (at least). This will make it far likelier that you will have a good experience getting the same-day cash that you need without additional hassles or bad customer service.

This is an important consideration because people are often looking for payday loans in a time of financial need, such as around the holidays when they’re looking to buy Christmas presents, or if their car or truck breaks down and they need quick cash for car repairs. You want to make sure that you are getting the best deal possible and not agreeing to anything you don’t understand.

As a final note, it can be very valuable to read through the online commentary so you can understand the different experiences of some of the reviewers. You will often find reviews that call out specific employees by name for better or worse, and this can make your experience easier as you can walk in already knowing who to talk to.

Compare Rates & Terms

One of the most important things to do when taking out a payday loan is to compare rates and terms between several different payday loan stores near you. Rather than just walking into one and getting cash from that store, take some time to drive between multiple to see what they all charge.

Why? Well, even though this is a lot more work and time, you can potentially save yourself a lot of money. By comparing rates and terms, you could lower your interest rate or even extend the time you have to pay the loan back. As tempting as it may be, do not be in a rush to agree to the first offer that you come across. It is essential to compare your options and understand your choices.

Search via Direct Payday Loans

As you can see, there is a lot of work involved in finding a payday loan place near you. There are often many locations to choose from, and if you want to ensure that you’re getting the best deal, it can take a lot of time driving or calling between locations near you to compare their offerings.

At Direct Payday Loans, we’ve worked hard to build technology that helps you quickly and easily compare offerings from multiple payday loan providers. That way, you can compare terms, rates, and fees and be able to choose the provider that is best suited to your needs.

Plus, by applying via Direct Payday Loans, you can get cash incredibly quickly, as soon as today! We hope that this information can help you as you look for a payday loan near you.