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Financial trouble can become a part of life as soon as you turn 18! Be it your college expenses or back to school expenses, they always find some way of creeping up on you. It’s very common for an emergency expense like your car breaking down or an unpaid utility bill to appear when you least expect it. In situations like these, a payday loan can help you out in a big way until your next paycheck hits your bank account.

Never heard of a payday loan? No problem, we will explain everything. Payday loans are loans secured against your next paycheck. Like every big or small loan, payday loans consist of two parts: principal and interest. If you’re looking for a short term loan to bridge the gap before your next paycheck, payday loans can be a great solution.

Payday loans are pretty common across the United States. Similarly, many of the citizens of Hanford, California are no strangers to the world of payday loans. California has a fast-moving economy which means that many people are bound to fall a few dollars short for some unexpected bill at some point. In these situations, payday loans can help you out.

Hanford is a commercial and cultural hub located in the heart of Kings County, California. It is surrounded by several culturally dense communities like Grangeville, Hardwick and Home Garden. The historical inhabitants of the area were yokut Indians prior to becoming Euro-Americans. The city is full of historical landmarks, and the stories behind each one of these keep the tourism alive and well in Hanford.

Some of the most important industries of Hanford are health care, social assistance and public administration. In addition to this, retail trade, finance and insurance, alongside utilities, are industries that employ many of the citizens of Hanford, California. Del Monte Foods, Fry’s Electronic Warehouse, Hansen Farms, the Naval Air Station Lemoore, Wal-Mart, Acme Paving, Waste Management, and JG Boswell all provide a good amount of jobs in Hanford and the Kings County area.

With a population of 56,000 people and a poverty rate of 15.7%, Hanford’s economy has sometimes struggled to keep all its residents in a thriving situation. The poverty rate is a little higher than the U.S average, which is mainly caused by the lack of employers in certain places. Nevertheless, Hanford’s economy is growing and more and more job opportunities are being created by the day. Despite the stable economy in Kings County, an unexpected event in your life can cause a major inconvenience in your financial life. To combat unforeseen events like this, many people have relied upon payday loans to get through the tough times.

Payday loans can be relatively easy to access and can provide access to quick cash in a pinch. We can understand that the term can seem a little scary to some people. Don’t worry – we can explain everything you need to know.

Our website application makes accessing these easy payday loans very easy and convenient – you can do it from your bed or your bathroom or even in your car (be careful out there).

The first step is to submit your information; this will take less than a few minutes of your time. Following this, you will be connected with a lender who matches your needs. It is recommended that you go through the specific terms and conditions of this payday loan lender and submit an official application. If your application is accepted, it can only take days or sometimes just hours for the funds to hit your account.

Payday loans are borrowed for short-term problems. Let’s break it down further: A payday loan is almost like taking a loan from your future self with the funds of a lender! The lender will need your bank account information to send you the money in short order. In a few weeks, the lender can automatically debit the payback in your account. That’s not so hard.

Here’s why many people take payday loans:

  • Paying for a utility bill like water or electricity
  • Paying for part of a rent or mortgage payment
  • Paying for groceries or food of any kind
  • Paying for cell phone or internet bill
  • Paying for an unexpected car repair when you need to drive for work
  • Paying for an unexpected house repair
  • Paying for an appliance repair like your refrigerator or washing machine
  • Paying off vacation expenses
  • Paying for child care or nursery care
  • Paying for clothing or other school supplies
  • Paying for an emergency medical expense or some medical bills
  • Paying for work supplies or tools

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you need to get a loan? 

In order to get a payday advance, you need to have a valid form of identification, proof of your job that provides income, and an active bank account.

The lender will use your income and salary to find out how much you are eligible for and when your loan will be due.

How much can I borrow?

Most people that use payday loans are looking to access between $50 and $1,000. Payday loans are usually the most convenient and fastest method to get quick cash because there are no lengthy application or approval processes. Plus, you can usually access a payday loan with a low credit score (or sometimes no credit score at all).

You can get a loan of up to $1000 or sometimes even more through a payday lender. However, loans greater than $1000 have a more elaborate application process that sometimes requires a traditional credit check or pull of your credit report.

Does my credit score matter?

Unlike many other types of loans or even credit cards, your credit score does not have to matter when exploring payday loans! Unlike traditional bank loans, payday loans are not secured against any specific asset, nor must your credit score be checked in some cases. Most lenders will consider the amount and timing of your next paycheck and how long you have held your job when considering whether to make a loan to you.

For loans greater than $1,000, you may be required to have a traditional credit report and more extensive documentation.

Easy Online Application

To help you avoid any lengthy application processes, we have made sure to put together an easy and brief online application for your convenience. All you need is:

  1. Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  2. Your banking information
  3. A recent pay stub

With this information, you can apply for a direct payday loan in minutes and get your money as soon as the same day. Loan applications don’t get much easier than this!

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Local Payday Loans Near Me in Hanford, CA

We have put together an easy online application process for your convenience; however, we understand that certain people prefer doing business in person. We absolutely respect this and want what’s best for our customers (just don’t forget you can compare most easily online through Direct Payday Loans).

We only want the best for our customers, so we have created a short list of local stores that might be beneficial for you. Don’t forget that you don’t have to go visit a store in person – you can simply apply through our online application engine!


Cash 1

324 W Lacey Blvd, Hanford, CA 93230, United States

+1 559-589-1750

Cash 1 has customers who say it is a great option due its quick approval processes. Small to medium-sized loans can get approved very quickly. Moreover, they have a very responsive customer service which can prove to be very helpful in these situations.


Dolex Dollar Express

126 N 11th Ave, Hanford, CA 93230, United States

+1 800-892-0210

Dolex Dollar Express has reviews that commend its customer service and reasonable interest rates. In addition to this, they offer financial advice while working through your loan application and approval process.


OneMain Financial

420 N 11th Ave #107, Hanford, CA 93230, United States

+1 559-583-9007

One Main offers customized services to help you decide on the best loan option for you. One Main can often offer secured and unsecured personal loans. Their loans come with fixed interest rates and fixed payment schedules.