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Are you dealing with some temporary money problems? Are you out of cash but need to repair your car or your house? Did you spend a little too much on school costs or vacation expenses? Do you need just a little extra cash to cover your costs until you receive your paycheck?

We know how you feel, and we can help. At Direct Payday Loans, we have built a simple and fast online platform to quickly connect you to payday lenders that can provide you access to same-day cash. Stop worrying about your temporary money issues. If you need a little extra cash to tide you over until your next payday, you are in the right place!

Fort Collins, CO Cash Loans Online

A payday loan (also called a payday advance) is a short-term cash advance intended to cover small, temporary cash shortfalls for individuals who have an income. Payday loans are easy to use and quick to access unlike many other traditional loans such as mortgage or auto loans. Payday loans are not intended to be used for long-term financing for large purchases like a house, a car, or even an expensive appliance for your house.

A payday loan is an unsecured personal loan that is backed by your income (or more specifically, your next paycheck). Many “secured” loans like mortgages or auto loans require an extensive underwriting process, meaning it may take a few days or even weeks to access the cash you are applying for. With Direct Payday Loans, you can access the cash you need today, in as little as a few minutes.

You may be wondering if people use payday loans in Fort Collins. The answer is simple – yes. Fort Collins has a strong economy with many great local jobs, but people still have unexpected hard times where they need to access cash ahead of their next payday. When this happens, a payday loan in Fort Collins can help you out.

Fort Collins is the county seat of Larimer County, located about 56 miles north of Denver, Colorado, and is one of the major cities of the Front Range Urban Corridor. With an estimated population of more than 170,000, Fort Collins is the fourth most populous city after Denver, Colorado Springs, and Aurora. Colorado State University is located in Fort Collins, and Front Range Community College also has a campus there.

Fort Collins has a strong, diversified economy with a mix of manufacturing and service businesses. In the past years, many technology companies have also moved some of their offices to Fort Collins and the surrounding area to access the talent of Colorado State University and the nearby University of Colorado in Boulder. Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Intel, and many other large tech companies have offices in Fort Collins. Some of the largest employers in the city are Broadcom, Woodward, Employment Solutions, Otter Products, Colorado State University, Poudre R-1 School District, Poudre Valley Hospital, the City of Fort Collins, and Larimer County.

Fort Collins is a great city with strong employers who provide employment to thousands of hard-working people, but that doesn’t mean that people don’t go through financial hardships here and there. If you have a good job with a decent paycheck, you should be able to access cash when you need it most. At Direct Payday Loans in Fort Collins, we have built an online platform to deliver same-day cash to you to cover unexpected expenses without the hassle you might expect from traditional banks.

How much cash can I borrow in Fort Collins?

Fort Collins payday cash advances can vary from $50 to $1,000 (or sometimes even more) depending on a few factors like your state of residence and how long you have been employed at your current job. The qualifications for payday loans are typically less stringent than for standard loans. In exchange for the cash you need, our lenders charge a small fee in the form of interest. These interest charges, in addition to the initial amount borrowed (the principal), are normally due on your next payday.

If you need a little extra money prior to your next paycheck, a fast and easy online cash advance can provide the solution you are looking for. We’ll help you get the money you need in minutes, so you can keep moving forward with your normal life. With a payday loan from Direct Payday Loans, you can:

  • Receive same-day cash within minutes
  • Review plain and simple terms and costs
  • Access a simple short-term cash advance (a payday loan)
  • No paper check or faxing required

Responsible Borrowing

We strongly encourage all potential borrowers to think through the amount and timing of their next paycheck to determine how much they can responsibly pay back within their budget plan. Although the majority of payday lending institutions allow you to “re-purchase” or renew your loan, this is not advised, as it can cause a cycle of loans that can wind up costing you significantly more in the long term. Be sure to thoroughly consider your financial situation before applying for a payday loan online. You don’t be stuck in a situation in which your budget does not allow for both paying off your loan and paying for your normal expenses like rent, groceries, and your cell phone bill.

Always have a budget and spending plan before applying for and accessing a payday loan. It will pay off in the long run!

Bad credit? Not an issue in Fort Collins

A less-than-stellar credit rating does not have to stop you from receiving the cash you need. Payday advance loans aren’t like mortgages or auto loans. A payday loan is an unsecured personal loan for small amounts used by individuals in need of short-term monetary assistance.

Some traditional loans like mortgages are “secured” loans, which means there is an asset that is backing the loan, like a house. An unsecured loan, like a payday loan, is not backed by any specific item or asset. A payday loan is simply backed by your income stream, or more specifically your next paycheck. The loan providers understand your unique situation and are open to lending to people without a great credit score (or sometimes with no credit score at all).

In most cases, loans are based upon your income and other factors like your employment tenure. The majority of loan providers do not even have to utilize a traditional credit check. However, for larger amounts (more than $1,000), some lenders may utilize your credit report to make a lending decision.

Traditionally, applying for a payday loan by phone or online required you to fax an assortment of documents to the lender. With Direct Payday Loans, you can apply online and will not be required to fax any information to the lender. We have worked hard to allow for anyone with internet access and a checking or savings account to access same-day cash with our faxless payday advances.

Easy Online Application – Instant Approvals For Fort Collins Residents

We have streamlined the online loan application process to make it quick and easy for you to access the cash you need. In fact, you can complete the online application in minutes and get a nearly instant decision  – click here to apply for a payday advance loan online in Fort Collins. Ensure you have your social security number, income information, and banking details available while completing the application.

Direct Payday Loans Online in Fort Collins: money when you need it most.

Payday Loan Providers in Fort Collins, CO

As mentioned above, we have streamlined the process to make it simple, easy, and cost effective to apply for a payday loan online. If you would still rather visit a payday loan office in person, we have put together a list of local providers for Fort Collins. When visiting an office to apply for a loan, it can be more difficult to compare your options to find the best pricing. By applying online, you can access the best offers from multiple lenders and review your options from the comfort of your home. We think it makes a lot of sense to apply for a payday loan through our platform rather than driving to a storefront!

A payday loan office may have to pass on the high rent costs of having a physical location, potentially resulting in a higher interest rate or higher fees for you. Be sure to review all the relevant details before visiting a local payday loan office. Or simply apply for a payday loan through Direct Payday Loans!

Check Into Cash

As of April 2021, Check Into Cash has one location in Fort Collins located on the west side of S College Ave near Colorado State University Veterinary School. The location has just okay online reviews. Some reviewers have had a great experience with this store, but others mentioned that they were not treated professionally by some employees. Check Into Cash offers payday loans, installment loans, title loans, and check cashing.

902 W Drake Rd #8
Fort Collins, CO 80526
(970) 495-6762


As of April 2021, Checkmate has one location in Fort Collins just on the east side of S College Ave near Spring Park. The location has okay online reviews, with some customers noting the speed of service, while others have mentioned that some of the employees are rude. Checkmate offers cash loans as well as check cashing.

2030 S College Ave
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(970) 530-1271