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Alexandria, LA Payday Loans Online

Is a small financial crisis coming up every month a common occurrence for you? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. A major chunk of the American population has an unexpected expense occur every month. We are all humans and human errors occur when we’re budgeting for the new month. These errors, however, oftentimes can leave a...


What is Collateral? | Learning About How Payday Loans Work

The media talks about mortgage rates constantly, and you’ve likely heard a lot about car loans, too. What do those two loans have in common? They are both referred to as “secured” loans because they are lent against–or “secured”–items (or assets) that the person borrowing the money is purchasing. These items are called “collateral.” By...

A Simple Budget: 50-20-30 Rule

A Simple Budget: 50/20/30 Rule

Budget. Just another aspect of adulting. If you were one of the lucky ones and had money conversations growing up, this word wouldn’t be as intimidating as it is to others. Not knowing what to do with the money that you have could turn out to be a catastrophe later down the road, say when...

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