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What Can I Do With a 690 Credit Score?

Credit scores are used by lenders to establish your eligibility for financial services such as loans and credit cards. The greater your score, the more goods you can be eligible for. Lenders also use your credit score when calculating interest rates and whether you pay utility deposits. With a 690 credit score, you’re just in...


What is an ACH direct deposit?

Ever wondered how your paychecks might be sent digitally to your bank account every payday? Let’s go over one way you’re getting paid this way: through ACH direct deposits. ACH direct deposits are electronic payments sent straight into a person’s bank account. If your employer tells you they’ll send you your paychecks through ACH direct...


Why Was LendUp Forced to Stop New Loans?

LendUp is a popular name in the personal lending world, but they were recently forced by the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to stop accepting new loans. Find out what happened, why it happened, and what other lending options are available to you. What is LendUp? LendUp is a financial technology company that offers an...


What credit score is required for a credit card?

What is a credit score? A credit score is a number that reflects your credit history. Credit card companies use this number to help them decide if they’ll issue you a credit card and on certain conditions.  Credit bureaus collect information about your financial habits from different sources, such as banks, retailers and the government....


The Amazon Problem: Employees Not Paid What They’re Worth, Payday Loans Can Help

Image Source: FreeImages In today’s digital economy, companies of all sizes need technology professionals who can keep up with the pace of change and deliver solutions that keep customers happy. However, there’s a growing disconnect between large tech companies and technology providers such as software engineers, coders and others. In other words, employees within these...

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