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How do I get a cash advance from Chase?

Chase offers cash advances to cardholders in need of quick cash. However, cash advances are expensive, with most credit card providers charging a fee of 3% to 5% of the amount withdrawn. In addition, the interest rates attached to cash advances are high, often reaching 25.24%. Worse yet, Chase begins charging interest on cash advances...


What Does Your Credit Score Start At?

If you’re a young adult applying for credit cards, mortgages, or vehicle loans, you may be curious about your initial credit score. What credit score do you start with when you have no credit cards and are just beginning to develop credit?  What is a credit score? A credit score is a three-digit figure that...


What can I do with a 750 credit score?

Ever wonder how people quickly get their banking loans approved? Or how your neighbor gets their auto loan for a brand new car easier than someone else you know? A lot of it is related to a certain score you might have heard about before: the credit score. What is a credit score? According to...


What is hazard pay?

If you work in an unsafe environment where your health is constantly at risk, additional payment is ideal. This is where the concept of hazard pay comes in. Hazard pay is extra pay given to workers who work in dangerous conditions or who are in environments that cause significant bodily discomfort or stress. Learn more...


What is an ACH direct deposit?

Ever wondered how your paychecks might be sent digitally to your bank account every payday? Let’s go over one way you’re getting paid this way: through ACH direct deposits. ACH direct deposits are electronic payments sent straight into a person’s bank account. If your employer tells you they’ll send you your paychecks through ACH direct...


How do I cash a check in California?

Whether it was from your employer or a friend that wants to help out, you’re probably thinking of ways how to convert the check you received into cash. You could stop by your local bank or the bank the check was made and have it cashed out there, but what if it wasn’t the most...

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