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Payday Loans in Arizona

Unanticipated financial problems are a part of every household every now and then. They can occur for many different reasons, including unexpected utility bills, back to school expenses, car repairs and all kinds of other things. Lucky for us, payday loans are a great tool to help you out of an unexpected financial frenzy!

Payday loans are small loans ranging from $100 – $1000 that can contribute to your financial recovery by providing a bridge to your next paycheck. They are often utilized because of how quick their processing time is and how accessible they are for most people. The loan is taken against your current active income or your next paycheck rather than any specific asset like your house.

Following the acceptance of your loan application, the receiver of the loan allows the lender to automatically deduct the principal and the interest from the respective account on the due date. Doesn’t that sound convenient? That should explain why it’s such a common practice to take out a payday loan in Arizona.

Arizona is a state with a rich history. It was an original part of Sonora, Mexico, but in 1848 under the terms of the Mexican Cession, the United States took possession of Arizona. It then became a state in 1912 with Phoenix as its capital and was primarily rural with an economy based on cattle, cotton, citrus, and copper.

The population of Arizona grew dramatically in the 1940s when retirees who appreciated the warm weather and low costs moved here from the northeast. This gave real estate entrepreneurs the chance to create new communities with amenities pitched to older people and few facilities for children. This made Arizona’s real estate sector substantial compared to the rest of the country, which has been the case recently as well, for better or worse.

The state is rich in natural landmarks, and The Grand Canyon is Arizona’s main attraction. Carved over six million years ago, this natural landmark brings thousands of people to Arizona each year. It contains some of the oldest exposed rock found on Earth. The mile-high walls show a section of Earth’s crust which dates back nearly two billion years.

Sedona, which is covered in awe-striking red rocks and described as one of the most beautiful places in America, is another place tourists flock to. Hoover Dam, Petrified forest and Prescott are just a few of the many other stunning tourist attractions in Arizona. Alongside this, the University of Arizona and Arizona State University are two great state colleges in Arizona.

Payday loans in Arizona:

Arizona is one of the states in the United States with flexible and easy payday loan regulations. Arizona has a bigger cap than many other states on the amount borrowed. Plus, there are many stores spread out all over Arizona whether you are in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, or Prescott, making taking these loans more accessible and convenient!

We understand that the payday loan process might sound a little daunting. However, don’t worry – we’ll walk you through every step of the process!

How much can I borrow?

The cap on payday loans in Arizona is higher compared to other states. According to the regulations, you can borrow up to $3000. That’s an appropriate amount to help with some small and some slightly significant expenses. However, this is considerably more compared to most states which can be helpful to the people of Arizona.

How much interest can be charged?

The regulation enforced in Arizona makes sure that the customers can’t be exploited. Thus, it is the state law that nobody can be charged an interest rate higher than 36% under any circumstances for loans less than $3,000.

What are the payback regulations?

Arizona is known to be a state that knows how to make things easy for its customers. For example, if you cannot pay back the loan you took on the decided date, you may have the option to rollover your loan to your next paycheck. Make sure to discuss your options before agreeing to terms with a lender.

However, we don’t recommend this practice at all because it ends in the accumulation of interest amount and makes payback harder and harder. Have a budget and spending plan in place before agreeing to the terms of a payday loan.

Easy Online Application:

Lengthy applications which require too many documents can ruin an otherwise perfect day. So, we’ve compiled a straightforward and quick application for you. It only takes a few minutes for you to put in all your information. Then, after you complete the application, you’re connected directly to a lender that best matches your needs.

We encourage you to read the specific terms of the payday loan agreement you choose very carefully to avoid any confusion about the details.

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Payday loan stores in Arizona:

Our online application is the fast and easy way to access payday loans in Arizona. However, we know some people would prefer to have a list of stores to visit so they can see who they are working with in person. Because of that, we have put together a short list of payday loan stores throughout Arizona for you to review.

Allied Cash Advance
439 AZ-90 Suite D, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
(520) 439-9171
This store has had an excellent online rating for the past couple of years. According to reviews, they offer reasonable and flexible options for cash advances and payday loans.

ACE Cash Express
777 N Arizona Ave #1, Chandler, AZ 85225
(480) 786-4316
According to online reviews, ACE Cash Express in Chandler is a great store for first-time users of payday advances. ACE Cash Express is a national retailer of payday loans and usually offers great service at their stores.

CASH 1 Loans
455 N Country Club Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201
(480) 962-8775
Cash 1 Loans usually offers assistance in going through difficulties with the application process for a payday advance. However, the store can get a little busy during certain times of the day. Applying online could be your best option.

Check Into Cash
1441 N Arizona Blvd Suite 103, Coolidge, AZ 85128
(520) 723-7339
Check Into Cash is another national retailer of payday loans with a solid reputation. Most of their stores get great reviews online and offer exceptional service.